Our Beautiful Mum

Every year, on our Mum’s anniversary, I write a post to celebrate her life, but this year I thought i’d write a little more to share how truly wonderful she was. It hasn’t been the easiest thing to write and I’ve stopped more often than I’d have liked . My memories of our Mum are beautiful, but her absence makes them equally painful, as anyone who has lost a loved one will understand. But, Mary Quinn was an exceptional and unique woman and she deserves to be celebrated and remembered.

Mum when she was young.

It’s impossible for me to sum up Mums life and the impact she had on others in just one post. My youngest boy (who she never met) shares the same cheeky grin you see above. It’s a look of pure fun and love for life. My Mum carried it with her always, regardless of the hardships and illness she endured, and every time I look at him I am reminded of her which is a gift in itself.

Mum in 1967.

To say Mum was adored by everyone she met isn’t an exaggeration. She was unbelievably and endlessly warm, supportive and giving. To this day I continue to meet strangers who knew her and tell me how much they still think of her. I, along with my brothers and sister know how insanely lucky we were to be her children, we won the “mum” jackpot! She was a single mom to six, very busy, very different children and she loved us fiercely and protectively even when we were old enough to be parents ourselves. She spent her life creating a world for us that was full of art, music, love and laughter.

Family picnic

Having six children our Mum needed a way to be able to work from home and earn a living so along with her sister Kay, she set up a costume shop at our house called M & K Costumes. It was an out-there idea for a business in a rural community, but Mum and Kay’s creativity and talent meant that it thrived. My childhood was spent dressing up, working behind the scenes at theatres and being Mum’s mannequin and sidekick.

Despite having a troop of children and a business to run, Mum was also an artist, musician and singer. It was these talents that helped her through the more challenging parts of her life and she used art to express her love, fears and even the breast cancer that became such a huge part of her life for over 20 years.

My post is a celebration of the immensely unique woman Mary was. She was formed by her experiences, good and bad and became a guiding light to others because of them. She always had time to listen and help those who needed it. She was strong, open to the world, incredibly enlightened and spent her life trying to educate us emotionally, spiritually and creatively, with a never ending love in her heart.

To our beautiful Mum, you are missed more than you could have possibly imagined. By your children who are still trying to navigate life without your presence and advice. Your brothers and sisters who each carry a little piece of you with them and we love dearly for it. Your friends who knew you in ways we never will, and whose stories we love to hear. Lastly, you are missed desperately by the grandchildren lucky enough to meet you and those who will only know you in their dreams.

Love and Light