Frequently asked questions

How long do appointments last?

Appointments last 1 hour but if you feel you need a longer or shorter time then this can be requested. We ask that you please arrive on time for your appointments for if you arrive early or late it will either eat into someone elses appointment or your own.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, we are limited with space so it would be amazing if you could bring no more than 4 people with you

Can you hold items that I'm interested in?

We are happy to hold one item for a day or two whilst you have a think about it

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept credit cards.

Do you take deposits?

Yes we can take a 50% deposit on the total purchase. Items must be paid off within 3 months. If you require different payment terms there's no harm in asking!

What is the lead time on your order in bridal dresses?

We have a short lead time on most of our reproduction dresses. They can be available from 2-18 weeks depending on the dress in question.

Is Dirty Fabulous pram/wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, no.We are located on the first floor of a Victorian building which doesn't have a lift.
There are stairs in the building. If you have a pram it can be left in the hall downstairs. It is a secure building but any prams or bikes left in the hall are at the owners risk.

Do you sell online?

At present we don't have a shopping cart facility but if you see something you like the look of on our website or social media we are happy to send you more photos and details. We can take payment for any items plus shipping by card on the phone.

Do you ship items nationally or internationally?

We are happy to ship worldwide for an additional cost which we can check prior to any purchase.

How often do you get new stock in to Dirty Fabulous?

We receive new stock on a weekly to monthly basis. These items maybe vintage, bridal or accessories or a mix of everything. To check our new arrivals follow us on any of our social media outlets or sign up to our mailing list.

Do you cater for larger/plus sizes?

We do our very best to cater for a wide range of sizes. Vintage dresses are more commonly found in sizes UK 6 to UK 12 but our collection will often have UK 16 dresses and several UK 18 sizes in both our vintage and bridal collections.
Our reproduction BRIDAL dresses are available in many different sizes depending on the style.

Do I need an appointment just to browse?

Yes, we work by appointment all the time so we would need to book you in. We are happy for you to make an appointment just to browse without any pressure or commitments.

Do you buy items in from individuals?

No, we never take our stock in this way and we recommend you either bring them to a consignment store or sell them online. We source all of our own stock and work with the best American dealers.

Do you stock second-hand modern items? Do you take donations?

It is not part of our business but if you want to send us pictures of your items we can assess it on an individual basis. We might be able to advise you what to do with it.

Do you stock bridesmaids dresses?


We have a fabulous range of both long and short occasion dresses but as these are all original pieces, they are completely unique and no two dresses will be alike.
If you need multiple dresses for your bridesmaids and you want them to wear vintage then the dresses would compliment each other but they wouldn't be exact matches.

Can your vintage dresses be ordered in different sizes or colours?

No, our vintage dresses are original pieces from the 1920's to 1970's. There will only ever be one available and we can't source another.
Our reproduction wedding dresses are new and they can be ordered in different sizes.


If your query, conundrum or question hasn't been answered by these FAQ's then drop us a line to